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Why CyberSecurity is necessary?

An obvious question that may come to your mind, why worry about cybersecurity? Let's keep the cyber thing aside, and tell me when you worry about security?

When you have something valuable or something to secure. 

But secure from what? Threats, which poses some risk to your "something valuable" kind of thing or maybe things. So clearly you worry about security when there's something valuable, and you perceive that there's a risk that is posed to that thing, which is of importance.

So now let's bring cyber into this security (that we earlier kept aside) and ask those same questions.

What is of value in the context of cybersecurity? And where from the threats come? What kind of risk are we talking? Who is the source of the threat?


In terms of what is of value, all of us store a lot of sensitive data. If criminals get access to our sensitive data, they can monetize it, to make a profit.

And speaking of where do threats come from, what the risks can be, or the source of threats, I think we all use the internet and societies and organizations rely on the internet for crucial things. So these are critical sources that we all rely on, which could be attractive targets for hackers, the reason may be different from merely profiting from it.

Let's look at a real-life example of what I just talked.

Let's imagine there are lots of computers, and they have very sensitive information. Say, medical data of millions of peoples. And all the machines are interconnected with each other or may be connected to a central server. In this case, if an attacker somehow gets access to the server or the organization's internal network, then a lot of things can happen. The criminal can steal the data, manipulate it or maybe delete the records. Suppose he steals the data.

Now, he can sell that data to another organization for a profit, or he can do different things with that collected data which he is not supposed to do. Let's look at this video which explained a real-world cyberattack that in real life.

Now, here comes cybersecurity. If that organization had implemented modern cyber hygiene, standards, the attacker wouldn't have easily got access to the network or the organization's server. Cyber Security is a vast, wide area with a lot of things to consider and focus on, which we will be covering on the later posts.